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Our pasture turnout is one of a kind. We offer three different pasture turnouts. Two herds are a mix of geldings and mares, one is for gelding turnout only. With 45 acres of pasture we have the largest pasture turnout in the area. Horses graze in pastures for 8 hours a day, are able to run freely on their own, really allowing the horse to be a horse. Horses allowed to run and play in a 15 acre field all day are happy healthy horses, making your time with your horse more enjoyable. We have a field maintenance program of mowing, liming, seeding and dragging. We do believe the grass is a little greener here at Shannon Trails.

If your horse is more suited to be turned out 24/7, we do offer pasture board as well. For the retirement situation or the horse that does not fare well in a box stall, or just for a more economical option for the boarder, our straight stall horses spend nights outside with a run in shed. In severe weather they have a straight stall in the front barn, which they come into twice daily for their grain and hay.

Our trail system is miles long, privately owned, groomed year round, like no other trail system in this area. Our trails were just reconstructed. First they were graded with a bulldozer, then new material was hauled in and compacted with a vibratory roller by our sister company Merrill Excavating. By having full access to heavy equipment and plenty of material really allows us to maintain our property. With a material pit one mile down the road we have full access to all aggregate materials needed on the farm. Our outdoor riding arena has all new footing, custom blended to suit your horse’s needs. All of our paddocks are graded to ensure proper drainage and have custom footing as well.

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Shannon Trails Horse Boarding Southern New Hampshire

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